Pocket UV Sterilizer kills 99.9% harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens

and Mold. Most virus will die within 23s of ligh exposure.


Please watch the video For All Information about the Product.


-Why are these Product Sterilized ?

  • UVC  damages the DNA (deoxyribonucleic) and RNA (ribonucleic) of bacteria and viruses by irradiating Microorganisms, Bacteria and Viruses lose their vitality and reproduction ability to achieve disinfection and sterilization effect.


-Is The Portable Disenfection Lamp Really Effective?

  • UVC disinfection method, especially suitable for some bathrooms cornerfs with small space and difficult to clean; using mobile phone power supply design is convenientfor business trips and sterilization of hotel tableware and pillow. You can use this everywhere.

Pocket UV Sterilizer For Cell Phones

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