• Made from plant-based materials, the product were certified compostable which meet the ASTM D6400 standard. Meanwhile, they are also BPA and plastic free, Latex and Powder free, contain no polyethylene
  • Although as compostable items, they also retain the features of traditional plastic one that are strong, leak-proof and durable. What’s more, it’s comfortable and smooth to wear and not easy to tear. We still suggest that you can stained with water before taking them since these are slippy because of biodegradable property
  • No matter used for sanitary environment work, household cleaning, food prepration, BBQ or pet feeding, the disposable piece could be a good helper to simplify your life. And one size suitable for everyone and people with big hand will be better
  • Measures 11 x 10.6 inch / 28 x 27 cm, 0.59 mils thick - these products are strong enough and easy to use. Due to the materials of plant extract which the shelf life only 12 months, so using it off as soon as possible
  • Adding the PLA allow these them to break down into carbon dioxide and water compeletely in the composter during 4-6 months which it won’t pollute the environment and make a contribution to our planet

00% Compostable Disposable Tool Clear Food Prep Eco-Friendly 300 PCS

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