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Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on Online Shopping in USA

Online Shopping in USA:- With the introduction of Covid, so many new terms came into existence such as social distancing, the use of facemasks, business shutdowns, and work from home, self-isolation, frequent hand-washing and a lot more. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has impacted travel, employment, financial markets; not to say all the aspects of life, including online shopping in USA.

Due to the Covid-19 America’s divide came to the forefront. The economic slowdown has created changes in shopping patterns, consumer preferences, and consumption trends. Companies who have invested in strong digital capabilities were considered doing well even at the times of this storm. According to a survey, more than half of the respondents claim they rely on the Internet and it can have lasting effects as the world economy begins to recover. The pandemic has triggered changes in online shopping, and these are expected to have lasting effects. As a consequence, businesses all around the USA have been working to improve Digital Experiences for their clients.

The major questions that arose in the minds of businesses are: -

· How to keep up with changes in consumer behaviour due to this pandemic?

· What are the effective ways to anticipate consumers’ requirements?

· What steps need to be taken to stay ahead among competitors?

In this post, we’ll discuss the online shopping experience before and after Covid-19 and highlight the key takeaways.

The State of Online Shopping Prior To, During and Predictions for Post Covid-19

People prefer the Internet and the World Wide Web has taken the entire market. Majority of sales are expected to go online in the coming years for categories ranging from fashion to electronics and others. Shortly after the pandemic, stores closed and shoppers partially or fully become depending on Online Shopping.

Based on a report by content square; an increase in web traffic is seen across multiple industries, with supermarket, retail tech, media being the top. The question now is will the shift from offline shopping to online shopping reverse, or is the digitalization new normal? One situation expected is the shopping in physical stores has changed and will not reverse in the coming years. During Q and A sessions, 48% of the respondents in the United States indicated they will continue doing the same amount of online shopping as they are doing today in such a terrible time of corona.

Online Shopping Experience on Customer Loyalty

Customer locality and in other word positive experience is the key factor in deciding and planning for shopping from the mobile app or an E-commerce Website. When asked about the shopping experience, 57% of US shoppers said they would go to a different company’s website. Many online shoppers agreed they will exit the website or app in case they have gone through a poor user experience. Thus, it is very essential for the website to resolve the matter to bring back more customers. In fact, the vast majority of respondents in the country indicated that the factors such as previous positive experience, company’s review on the website, and the user-friendliness; whether on a mobile, desktop or tablet are considered most while deciding to make a purchase.

Here is a chart showing the online shoppers view when they report a negative online shopping experience from a website or a mobile app. This is the report describing how online shoppers respond to the company’s bad experience improvement.

Un weighted 2459

Extremely important 42%

Very Important 32%

Somewhat important 16%

Not Too Important 5%

Not at all important 4%

No answer 2%

Here are some website factors which matter the most in making a decision during shopping online.

Un weighted 2435

Positive Experience as per previous shopping 34%

User-friendliness of a website or mobile app 24%

Payment Experience 14%

Customer Service 19%

Feedback 2%

No answer 3%

Value of Digital Customer Feedback Implementation

A great customer experience impacts customer retention and thus the whole organization. The quantitative data will help you in capturing clear understanding of consumer’s data and allow you to see a change in traffic, increase in conversion, raise awareness around significant drops. Quantitative data reflects: -

· What is happening on your digital channels?

· By asking the right questions, you’ll get to know why certain things are happening.

Importance of Closing Loop after a Negative Experience

Companies use digital feedback to understand consumer’s behaviour - learn their requirements and understand the reasons behind data analysis so as to make informed decisions. You can make decisions on prioritizing products, identify bugs and improve certain things in your website for increased conversions and revenues.

The End Point

Coronavirus Outbreak has led to boost the purchasing behaviours of online shoppers. As per the study, 40% of Americans do ‘shopping’ at least once a week. Therefore, whenever customer reports a negative experience, companies must follow-up with the earliest resolution and enable them make a quick purchase.

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